Hi everybody!
i just joined the mailing list and I tried out FreeDOS. Im totally impressed 
that this exists hah!
Im a web developer and UX designer, so I know javascript, python, html etc, so 
clearly my programming skills wont be much use until at least version 3.0. 

But I can totally see this as being a great solution for an embedded system. I 
saw opengem, and tried it out, but a great minimalistic interface would work 
really well for FreeDOS - something similar to what Windows 8 uses for it's 
start screen. I will be tinkering around with opengem to see if I can get 
something like that working. I would think it would be minimal enough to have 
it be natively included in the kernel.

I also think FreeDOS could appeal more to the media and get more publicity in 
tech field, and therefore more developer support, if some "modern" esthetic 
aspects that we see in different touch devices etc were brought into the 
project. For example, if zoom were somehow made available by OS(regardless of 
the current program, even freecom/command.com. so maybe a zoom solution could 
be a change to the display?). Speaking of command.com, maybe touch/cutemouse 
support could be added. Another esthetic that could be added is utilizing some 
modern font options (think OpenDroid, or firefox's open fonts). 
Again some of these things are not actually important, but they could bring 
more developers into the project.

Im not sure if any of these things can even be done without the kernel being 
natively loaded into protected mode? Maybe some of these, at least, can be 
emulated for fun to show potential developers some esthetic potential.

Ok, so Im rambling now haha. These are just some of the ideas that flew through 
my head while poking around. I wish i knew more about memory and OS-level 
programming to really knock some things off the project's to-do list.
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