On 11/09/2013 06:30 PM, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi John,
>> to clarify, I ran sys c: from a freedos floppy to write over the win98
>> OS with freedos. that is how this all started.
> Ah, so you do not need Win98-DOS any more? That is easy :-)
> Actually the question then becomes: Apart from the FreeDOS
> warning about geometry, which is mostly cosmetic AFAIR, is
> there anything not working in FreeDOS at the moment?
> Regards, Eric
> First of all, I did not make myslf clear.  I was not running win98.  I was 
> only running the dos portion of win98.  I wrote over the dos portion of win98 
> with freedos using the sys command.  My concerns are two:

1) In a multi-partitioned environment, how am I supposed to correctly 
install freedos on a partition without writing over the mbr where 
grub/lilo/etc resides.

1a) Do I need to install FreeDOS on each fat32 partition?

2) Now I am unable to access my linux partition.  This drive has 6 
partitions.  Three are fat32 dos partitions, one is Linux swap, one is 
Linux and the last is about 2 gb laying fallow.

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