Hi Karen,

what I meant is that Microsoft bought a version of
DEFRAG and UNDELETE from Norton, so they are from
older versions of Norton Utilities. There was no
complete Norton Utilities included with MS DOS...

What do you mean by "there are two files now"? Is
the partition with the overwritten file FAT32 or
is it FAT16? Are there two files to be recovered?
Or do you mean one overwritten by a second file?

I did understand that your file got (partially?)
overwritten when using xcopy. However, I do not
know how big the two files involved are. Also, I
do not know if the overwrite happened "in place"
or if the old file is still elsewhere, deleted,
maybe visible to undelete but maybe not visible.

If the new file was larger than the file that you
want to recover and if it now uses the same area
of disk as the damaged file, damage will be worst.

If the disk area did not get reused by that new
file and did not get reused by anything else, the
damage will be smallest, but you still have to
find the contents. As said, undelete might know
where it is, but maybe it cannot know. Then you
have to search by hand. The safest option is to
make a diskimage (e.g. to a borrowed extra disk,
if you do not have enough space on yours) and to
spend some time searching for the contents in a
safe, read-only way.

What type are the two involved files? Text? How
big are they? Which partition types are the on?
Do you know parts of the to be recovered file,
so you could search the raw disk if necessary?

Regards, Eric

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