The "UIDE" drivers have all been updated to 14-Nov-2013, and they are
now available from Johnson Lam's "dropbox" at --

In this update, UHDD and UDVD2 no-longer support "private" caches for
user drivers.   Reasons for this are a bit "involved" --

First, "My error and my apologies":  CD/DVD "private caches" were NOT
needed to support CD/DVD "kiosk" systems (no hard disk), in Hong Kong
or elsewhere.   If loaded with its /N1 switch, UHDD "dismisses" (does
not load) all disk/diskette logic, saving 896 bytes.    CD/DVD drives
thus have a "private" cache anyway, since disks/diskettes will not be
using UHDD due to /N1.   I simply "forgot" about that!

Second, no one yet (to my knowlege) has written any other driver that
"calls" UHDD or UIDE to cache its data.   Not an "immediately simple"
job, as one can see in the UDVD2 driver which does "call" UHDD.   But
it CAN be done!    Sadly, I am aware of how little development/update
of any DOS drivers now happens.   If no one "calls" UHDD for caching,
"private caching" is also not-needed.

Finally, nobody showed ANY "interest" in caching old "video game" CDs
for higher game performance.   Either such CDs have "disappeared", or
game players must now be using RAM-disk drivers, or whatever.    Sad,
as I felt such a feature would be valuable -- seems to be "Not so"!

So, the 14-Nov-2013 UHDD and UDVD2 drivers are "put back" to having a
single cache, that withing UHDD.   This saves over 900 bytes of setup
logic in UDVD2, from not reserving XMS for its own cache, and it also
saves 192 bytes of run-time logic (128 in UHDD, 64 in UDVD2).   UHDD/
UIDE also gain minor code optimizations, and XMGR/RDISK are unchanged
except for being redated to 14-Nov-2013.

Any users who ever DO need a "private cache" can get the same results
by loading the RDISK driver to set a RAM-disk for their data.   RDISK
handles up to 2 GIGABYTES of data (uses XMS memory), and it may run a
bit faster due to no "overhead" from cache look-ups nor from a CD/DVD
Redirector program (SHSUCDX, SHCDX33F, etc.).

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