Hi all!

Eric Auer, Rugxulo Esperantisto, thank you for explanation!

Now this is solved.

Maybe, it'll be interesting for somebody, so I write step-by-step "HowTo"

1. Download this files:
(accordingly to Russian article:
http://www.ixbt.com/multimedia/sblive-dos.shtml , it is "latest version of
Dos drivers for all SBLive! from LiveWare 3.0") and
http://www.ixbt.com/multimedia/images/sound/sblive-dos/soundbank.zip  (file
DEFAULT.ECW, for midi; probably, the same as 2MEG_R_2.ECW?)
2. Unpack all to C:\live;
3. Add to AUTOEXEC.BAT, (and run):
set ctsyn=c:\live

(it requires "device=himem.exe" and "device=jemm386.exe /sb " in CONFIG.SYS)

4. run: c:\live\sbecfg.exe, and see to the line "SB 16 Emulation":
it seems to be:

Sb Emulation: port=220 IRQ=5 DMA=1,5

(Thank you, Eric Auer: ". . . . . should ship with a special DOS
driver which in fact provides a *simulation* of hardware
compatible to the old SoundBlaster standard. . . . .". The lines "SB
Emulation" and "PCI Hardware" is really different!)

Now add to autoexec.bat:

set blaster=a220 i5 d1 h5
("a"=port, "i"=irq, "d" and "h" are "DMA low" and "High")

And now sound works; at least in mplayer and QuickView (another soft not
tested yet)

C:\live\sbemixer.exe = volume mixer


This "HowTo" is not enough full, because I not setup MIDI and "Game Port"
yet.... But it is not important to me right now
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