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>>Oh, the old Zenith machine? http://oldcomputers.net/zenith-minisport.html
> yeah!
>>ROM or RAM?

> It is a theory but it Gets very confused with a ROM drive and a BIOS RAM
> drive

I'm just trying to be clear on your problem.  ROM boot gets you MS-DOS
3.3.  RAM boot gets you what is on the RAM drive.  Floppy boot gets
you what's on the floppy.  I assume there is a BIOS menu that lets you
select what you are trying to boot from.

>>The Minisport can reportedly boot from A:, the built-in ROM (which
> gets you MS-DOS 3.3) , or D:, the battery backed RAM drive.  (There
> was an optional 3.5" external floppy, but I don't know whether it
> could boot from it.)
> I think you can...

If you can boot from either floppy, you might be able to boot to FreeDOS.

>>How did you get the FreeDOS files to the Minisport?  FastLynx?
> Use the Serial file transfer program that came with the machine!

That's FastLynx.

> I think it boots from RAM drive or floppy fine .... I am not sure....

I would expect it to do both.  Your issue is FreeDOS being confused by
the RAM drive.  That's no surprise, so try to boot from floppy
instead.  (Do *not* expect FreeDOS to be fixed to work on the
Minisport RAM driuve.)

>>If you have a spare 2" floppy the Zenith used, see if you can create a
> FreeDOS boot disk on the 2" floppy in A:. then see if you can boot
> from it.
> The machine needs to be repaired
> I think there is an open circuit in the power suppy cables inside the
> machine....
> If you think you can fix it then i can send it to you!

I might be able to.  I am *not* offering to try.

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