>> You make it sound like I could use 4 caches of 4GB each, nice to fill up
>> a larger part of my 32GB system memory :)
> Allocate a *huge* ramdisk, copy your FreeDOS filesystem to it, and run
> *everything* from the ramdisk.  Then copy anything changed back to HD
> when you quit.  Bootup will be slow, but operation will be blindingly
> fast...

You missed Bernd's point.   He wants to use more than 4-GB of memory,
which is impossible with any current DOS software I know about.   One
or all of the XMS managers "still in maintenance" (my XMGR, Japheth's
HIMEMX, and his combination JEMMEX) would need an upgrade, to support
over 4-GB of XMS memory.

My own RDISK driver creates up to a 2-GB RAMdisk, but I wrote it as a
"FAT16" driver to run with old DOS systems, like my own V6.22 MS-DOS.
4-GB "FAT16" RAMdisks are possible, but not all DOS systems work with
them -- V6.22 MS-DOS "CHKDSK" CRASHES when RDISK is patched for 4-GB!

Jack R. Ellis

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