>Hi Rugxulo, Sparky, Jim

Sparky, I believe your announce wasn't as clear as it could be. Like
Rugxulo, I understand that you dug out FDPKG because of the need to have
a x86 package installer.


>But we definitely lack some information about what you changed in
FDPKG.. Can you please provide a changelog?

I apologize!
I mainly just removed X and S renaming functions
and it is quite quick and dirty code!

>Is your version compatible with 1.1 packages? Will it install correctly
files in right directories instead of putting everything into
freedos/bin ?

I need to test it more!
but i think it dose it!

>Is your version of FDPKG able to uninstall a package installed by
FDNPKG? What about the other way around?
I believe it works

>Since you labeled your version as beta (or was it alpha?), I assume
there are some known bugs or limitations. Could you share please some
information about that too?

It needs a lot more testing and more clean up! and the remove function
is really dirty code~!

>All this should it make easier for all of us to understand what we
should expect from your "new" FDNPKG.



with love,
Administrator of 四葉の芽◇ちゃんねる

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