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FreeDOS 1.0 gives more debug information on such problem while newer FD1.1 just cycle with "Invalid opcode" or reboot.
This is kind of memory corruption during moving dos from it's location to HIGH. It's a kernel bug, but I have no idea how to debug it on a real hardware. I'll try to contact AMD guys.
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 I use PXELINUX 4.05 20130513. It works fine with MS-DOS (Win98) with MS
 HIMEM, but fails with FreeDOS / any XMM. That is why I don't point to PXE
 loader's problem.
 I can give it a try with latest pxelinux or try iPXE to be burned into ROM.

I'm no kernel developer, but the various DOS kernels are not 100%
identical behind the scenes. I think they load to different initial
segments, too. Unfortunately, most people don't test very well (or
only MS-DOS and not FreeDOS, etc.), hence just because it works in one
doesn't mean it will work in both. If anything, I would rather they
tested FreeDOS first (as a more available target), but they don't do
so, don't ask me why. So bugs remain.

Yes, it could be something else, of course, but I still blindly guess
it's a bug on their end.

Anton D. Kachalov

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