On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 12:27 PM, dos386 <dos...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> You can create a 4GB FAT16 partition using WinXP which
>> uses 64KB clusters, but it probably isn't accessible from DOS.
> Did you test? EDR-DOS AFAIK does support 64 KiB clusters on FAT16, but
> I never tested.

No, I didn't.  It may be *possible* to create a FAT16 filesystem with
64K clusters and a 4GB volume size, but I have no reason to want to.
I still recfall all the fun with "slack space" in MS-DOS.  Since only
one file could be on a cluster, any space that file didn't occupy
wasted.  A 1K batch file could take 32K on disk.

>> See http://support.macro$oft.com/kb/310561
> See drdos.org and drdosprojects.de (latter unfortunately no longer 
> maintained).

And to make use of 64K clusters and a 4GB volume size in DOS, you must
also run a DR-DOS variant.

Granted that you can, it may simply be more trouble than it's worth.

I'm straight NTFS in Windows, and ext4 in Linux.  I have a 2GB FAT32
partition on the box that has FreeDOS installed for it to live in, But
Windows and Linux are on the box too. Linux and Windows can both see
the FAT32 slice, Linux can see the NTFS partition, and an open source
driver lets Windows access the ext4 file systems.  FreeDOS can only
see it's own slice, but I don't care.  Worst case, I can defrag the
FAT32 partition from Windows.

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