Some of you out there are mTCP users, so this should interest you ...

I have a PCjr running an early version of the mTCP web server. It is 
serving (most) of its own web site:

That link has the main page, and it should look like my normal PCjr web 
site. This next link has some fun server status like memory available, 
DOS version, BIOS date, etc.:

There are one or two links that are broken because I did not get all of 
the content moved over. Otherwise, it should work if you try it. The 
speed might not be great as it is a 4.77Mhz machine and multiple people 
can make requests at the same time, so be patient - it will catch up. No 
saturation bombing please, as it is easy to DoS a DOS machine.

I'm collecting log and debug data from this test to help me find 
problems and make it better. Your few moments of clicking will help me 
gather more data.


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