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> Er, 486 != XT hardware.

> I still have my original XT sitting on a shelf.  It has a replacement
> motherboard with a 10 *mhz* NEC V20 CPU, a Hercules graphics card, and
> two Seagate ST-225 20 *MB* MFM hard drives connected to an add-on
> controller card.  (They pre-date IDE.)

> If the target is genuine XT hardware, I'm not surprised if a more
> recent CHKDSK will fail to run.  Among other reasons, it's likely
> compiled to run on >386 CPUs, and simply won't execute on anything
> earlier.

The XT CPU is an 8088, which, like the 8086 from which it is derived, is a 16 
bit CPU. The difference between them is the 8088 has an 8 bit IO bus path (an 
IBM cost reduction misfeature incorporated into the XT), while the 8086 has 
16 bit. The NEC V20 is a functional clone of the 8088 intended to be run at 
higher clock speeds, and with claimed greater internal efficiency. None AFAIK 
can possibly run 32 bit software.
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