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> What is an SSD device, I'm talking about compact flash chip used mostly
> in cameras but can replace an ide hard drive.

SSD is "Solid State Drive".  The common point here is that Compact
Flash, Secure Digital, and Solid State Drives all use NAND flash
memory as the actual storage media.  The particular form in which it's
implemented is the form factor, but the media is the same and has the
same strengths/weaknesses..

IDE drives come in different form factors too, depending on whether
they are intended for a desktop, laptop, or noreboot/netbook, but it's
still a hard drive.

> You can pull a dos loaded chip from  a computer and move it to another 
> computer
> without too many problems Windows will work on one  computer but will refuse 
> to
> work on another machine even if its very similiar.

Like I said, it will need to be re-authenticated.  It's *not* a
portable OS. Windows keeps comprehensive information on just what it's
installed on in the registry, and will notice if that changes.  MS is
willing to let you move a copy of Windows from one machine to another,
but *isn't* willing to have the *same* copy of Windows running on more
than one machine.  The license under which you got it is for one
machine, not many.

> I can start working on something at home;then I can pull the chip and run
> it at another far away location. If there is something sensitive on it then I 
> can pull it
> and put it in a safe place.

I do that all the time, but what's on the chip/card is *data.*  I have
no need for the OS to go along with it.  (And most of what I work on
would be useless under DOS, because the programs that
create/manipulate the data don't exist for DOS.)

> So what do you know about the DISPLAY command - why doesn't VGA work?.

I have no idea.  The problem hasn't bitten me.

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