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> SD flash is a serial device similiar to rs232 but compact flash has the
> same interface as an ide hard drive.Pin for pin they are the same. SD chips
> are very slow but cf are fast.

If you look at comparative benchmarks, I think you'll discover that SD
is faster overall than CF.  And in any case, the CF format seems
largely deprecated these days.  Pretty much everything now is SD.

(And on bigger systems, note that IDE is going away, replaced by SATA,
which is also a serial interface,  SATA drives are *faster* than IDE.)

> I used idecheck to clock a travelstar hard drive it was 7 mbs while a
> Sandisk extreme iv clocked at
> 14 mbs. Then you add that there are zero head seeks and you get a nice
> speed boost.
> syscheck.exe reported a through put at over 2 gigs per sec.

Use what pleases you.  My point was that the drive *media* was all
NAND flash, regardless of what form factor the drive used.  The
particular flash media and the controller will have more to do with
the speed than whether it's CF, SD, or SSD.

> Now why doesn't display work for vga.

The topic arose here before, with someone else having a similar problem.

Eric Auer's response was
"Not sure if this helps, but DISPLAY CON=(EGA,,1) should be sufficient
for all your needs. For the font support,EGA is pretty much the same
as VGA and display only is for loading custom fonts. If you do not
plan to load a non-BIOS font, you do not even need display at all. The
documentation of an older version says that VGA did set a certain
number of font sizes, while EGA autodetected which font sizes exist
(usually 8x8, 14 and 16 pixels).

Looking at the source, EGA meant autodetect, EGA 8 did mean one font,
LCD the same, EGA 14 two fonts, VGA did mean three fonts and only CGA
meant different hardware.

Note that newer VGA BIOS may miss 8x14 built-in fonts, but you can
load a custom DOS font instead. There also are tools doing ONLY that,
using less RAM than DISPLAY."

Bottom line, just use DISPLAY CON=(EGA,,1), and you should be good to go.

> DS.

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