Frantisek Hanzlik schreef op 4-5-2014 11:17:
> Hi all more experienced,
> I'm trying to revise and update dosemu-freedos package (subset of
> FreeDOS stuff used in DOSEMU usual installation) and I'm not sure,
> what is better - whether packaged programs by UPX or not. Actual
> dosemu-freedos-1.0-bin.tgz contains 40+ binaries, roughly half of
> them is packed with UPX - generally as FreeDOS program maintainers
> did.
> And I'm not sure, what is optimal, use UPX or not. On some binaries
> it cause significant space reduction - e.g. 'display.exe' 0.13b has
> 62535 Byte, and UPXed has only 3651 Byte.
> On other hand - at current disks sizes few (dozen or hundred) kB is
> nothing, and UPX packaging has perhaps its own disadvantages - and
> maybe especially with TSRs (as 'display.exe' is) this may lead to
> memory fragmentation(?).
> Thus, what is Your opinion on the use of UPX?
> Thanks, Franta Hanzlik

Runtime programs are usually safe to compress, drivers/TSRs can be 
tricky as you already indicate, which is a great reason not to compress 
DISPLAY program. I'd leave it as is right now (unless you're working 
with some very space-limited bootdisk or so, where every file is 
essential and any issues will show up very fast because of that exact 


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