On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 4:17 AM, Frantisek Hanzlik <fra...@hanzlici.cz> wrote:
> Thus, what is Your opinion on the use of UPX?

I think it's good and works well. Sure, if you don't have any local
restrictions (bandwidth limits, mail attachment limits, slow upload
time, limited disk size, or similar), it may not matter as much to you
personally. But overall it's still a useful tool.

The obvious answer is to make sure, before distributing anything, that
it still works once packed. Then, try to make sure it will unpack
correctly (and still function, even if not always byte-exact). There
are always going to be corner cases, but mostly that isn't worth
worrying about, AFAIK.

Though you could also argue that the real solution is to not need to
compress in the first place. But that is a much harder, more
time-consuming dilemma (regarding compilers, linkers, libraries, etc).

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