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> P.S. The worst advice is "just don't use that program"! But (as you
> most definitely are already aware) ... TDE has Ctrl-b and VILE has
> "Ctrl-A f }", etc. (not to mention classic vi [e.g. Elvis]'s friend
> "fmt", often invoked via '=' or "!}fmt"). A quick search for GNU Emacs
> shows "M-q". Well, I'm sure you know what tool is best for your uses!

Sometimes it's the best advice.  Since the fundamental problem seems
to be a Borland editor written in Turbo Pascal, and susceptible to the
runtime 200 bug, my first move would be to look for a different editor
that didn't have that problem (and didn't require the use of a utility
to slow down the system as well.)

There are a number of editors that will run under FreeDOS.  If Marcos
can tell us what he really wants in an editor, it might be possible to
suggest a replacement that won't have the problems.

I see a lot of this in the WordStar list, as users have to jump
through all sorts of hoops to run WordStar, especially on 64 bit
machines where you have to run a virtual machine to run *any* 16 bit
application.  The best advice is usually "Bite the bullet, and find
another editor."

(Incidentally, I was bemused to discover a port of Gnu Emacs is
available for Android.  I just got an Android tablet, but won't try to
run it - my device doesn't support an external keyboard, trying to use
an onscreen virtual keyboard with Emacs would be an exercise in
frustration, and a proper Android Emacs setup wants more system memory
than I have available.  The fact that it exists at all is what tickles

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