Do you have a floppy drive? If you do then make a dos bootable floppy.
Find wipe on the web and download it.
Run wipe to clean the drive of everything. Your floppy should also have
fdisk & format on it.
After wipe is finished type fdisk/mbr. This should give you a fresh MBR.
Then use fdisk
to install a fat32 partition. Next format C:. Oh by the way if you want
to install XP on FAT32,
it will work without being activated.  You can also buy a cf  to ide
adapter on
and run a CF chip on your ide port. Another good dos program is IDECHECK.
It will read out
all your registers and test the drive for speed.


On Thu, 15 May 2014 21:57:11 +0800 kurt godel <> writes:
> Have an old 80 gig hard drive with an HPA(host protected access) 
> partition,
> which is wasting space; tried to use linux function 'hdparm'
> on it using an ide/usb adapter, but recieved message "bad or missing 
> sense
> data", exactly what I get with flash drives and sd cards.
>    Threw the drive in an old ide machine to hit it with hdparm, but 
> the
> machine is non-functional. My other machine is sata only.
>    Any ideas to do this?

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