On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 8:06 AM, Marcos Favero Florence de Barros
<fav...@mpcnet.com.br> wrote:
> This is just an update on the keyboard issue, i.e., I'm not
> asking any questions this time.
> I tried TP7P5FIX (v1.01) and also TPPATCH, but neither of them
> worked with my two programs that have the Borland runtime 200
> bug.
> Because the instructions said that the EXE might have to be
> decompressed first, I tried that too, with two EXE decompressors,
> UNP (v4.11) and CUP386 (v3.4). Apparently none of the two
> EXE files was compressed.
> So perhaps we should call off this whole effort. As I said, I can
> easily live without Vision Edit.

The vendor is still active in other areas (Organizer Pro), and they
still (barely) have a page for this product. You should probably
contact them directly. Maybe they know of a proper fix (or can help
find one).


But it's possible that the "fixes" weren't ever meant to scale to such
huge amounts (gigahertz). So they may not work properly on newer
machines. Who knows, maybe it's already "fixed", and that's why no
further fixes can find anything to patch. It might require some manual

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