First of all, thank you for reporting this!

On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 3:02 AM, Shane <shan...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I downloaded the demo Vision Edit from the site below, and was able to patch
> the overlay VED.OVL after downloading bp7_tpl.zip from Alexei A. Frounze's
> site alexfru.chat.ru and running FIX_CRT.EXE.

http://alexfru.chat.ru/programming/bp7_tpl.zip           (74 KB)

Although I'm not the OP, this does indeed seem to fix the problem, so
it (real mode demo version, at least) will run natively for me on this
3.2 Ghz machine without any other tricks. No idea if it will patch his
286 DPMI version correctly, but at least we're halfway home. (Maybe I
should re-try Chasm: The Rift.)

> FIX_CRT takes a more drastic approach than the better written alternatives
> like TPPATCH.  Files patched by FIX_CRT are left without a functioning
> Delay() routine at all!

Maybe I'm naive, but I can't think of any good reason to use "Delay"
in a text editor! (But maybe it wasn't directly used.)

> Marcos -- You're right -- It's not compressed.  But it is a weird one!  The
> error message:
>    Runtime error 200 at 0259:00c3
> does not end with :0091 like it usually does with Turbo Pascal 7 programs.
> TP7P5FIX won't catch it, and TPPATCH won't patch it.  On the other hand,
> TESTMODE.EXE fails with the more usual runtime error 200 ending in :0091,
> and TESTMODE is patchable by the better written TPPATCH.  This could have to
> do with different versions of Borland compilers, or with the fact that the
> CRT routine is in the overlay instead of the executable.

No idea which compiler was used. TP 7.00? 7.01? BP? (Wait, wasn't the
DPMI stuff BP-only?)

Ironically, older versions like freeware TP 5.5 have the same inferior
"Delay", but it's not used (or initialized) by default. So those
programs aren't usually affected.

And of course no other Pascal compilers have this bug either, but we
can't exactly recompile the whole project here.

> Vision Edit runs fine in my (somewhat slow) emulator, so if you haven't
> already you might want to give the "slowdown" programs a chance.  Vision
> Edit fails with
>    Runtime error 200 at 0259:00c3
> on my Pentium 4 at 2.8 MHz.

But it's debatable whether using an emulator or slowdown tool is a
good fix or not. It depends on what environment he runs his stuff.

In addition to reducing processor speed with FDAPM, I was using
Japheth's HDPMI16.EXE, as well as DPAKBD.COM to provide processor

This is a First International motherboard with a 1 GHz processor
and 512 MB memory.

So I would like to hear if he can patch his DPMI version and remove
all those other workarounds without problems.

I also would still like to hear what (if any) response he got from Primasoft.

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