Hi everyone!

I've been out for the last two years, working on my Master's degree
(M.S. in Scientific & Technical Communication) but I finally graduated
earlier in May! My Master's capstone is "Usability Themes in Open
Source Software" (which expanded on my earlier research project in
free software & usability). If you're interested in reading it, the
PDF and ebook versions are on my web page.

But I'm not quite done yet! I'm currently writing a version of my
capstone project that I'll submit to the Journal of Usability Studies.
I think I can get three articles out of it: the usability study &
results, using a heat map to display usability results, and a lit
review of usability in free / open source software.

And both Linux Journal and Linux Voice said they would like to run a
version of my article, so I'm writing separate versions for them. The
SourceForge folks also asked me to write an ongoing series of articles
for their blog, about usability in free / open source software.

I will be submitting proposals at free / open source software
conferences in the next year, to talk about usability. I'm already
confirmed for GUADEC'14 (If you live in/near Strasbourg, France and
would like to grab a beer sometime July 26 - August 1, let me know!)

So I'll be a little distracted with all of that for the rest of the summer. :-)

But most importantly: I'm finally getting back to FreeDOS. I haven't
read (much of) the mailing lists in the last two years, so it will
take me a while to get back up to speed again.

I already have a small list of FreeDOS projects that I want to work
on. I know there are some areas of the website that need improvement
(stale links, out of date web pages, etc). And SourceForge sent me a
nice email the other day, warning me that they are stopping the Wiki
service (which we use) so I need to find another home for that by June

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