My Thanks to Rugxulo, DOS386, and others on this forum for their
good wishes about my prostate surgery.   I am told by my surgeon
that I have NO cancer, neither bladder nor prostate, and I shall
be "with you" for a while longer.

But in fact, it was the WORST medical experience of my life!

I told the anesthesiologist all about my BAD history re: general
anesthetics and asked him to give me only a "spinal" anesthetic,
as in 2005 with my first prostate surgery.    He did NOT listen,
and totally "knocked me out" anyway!    I got completely sick to
my stomach and lost my bowels that evening, after only two bytes
of cherry Jello (all I felt like eating).    Next day, I got the
first of THREE A-Fibs (atrial fibrillation, DANGEROUS fast heart
beat!), same as 2011 with my gall-bladder surgery.   The surgeon
said he planned to "have a few words" with the anesthesiologist;
I would have only 2 words:  You're FIRED!!

The hospital kept me for 8 days, mostly in "Intensive Care", and
so they could monitor my A-Fibs and reduce my blood-pressure, so
the surgeon could remove my catheter without much bleeding.    I
sleep only on my side, re: Asthma and mucous in my throat, which
was impossible with all the tubes and catheter in me.    I asked
3 times for an air-mattress, which helps when I am forced to lie
on my back; and I got NOTHING!   8 days with virtually NO sleep,
NOT helped by all the "talk-Talk-TALK" nurses in I.C.U. nor by a
child's musical toy playing all night long!    That is what U.S.
"intensive care" has now become, i.e. LOUSY!!

U.S. law now does NOT allow one's doctor to "practice" in a hos-
pital unless he is on their payroll!   My surgeon was able to do
so, but mostly I was attended by "hospitalist" doctors, only one
of which (a cardiologist) was worth more than 2 pennies!   I did
NOT want any "full course" of A-Fib and blood-pressure treatment
while I was still IN the hospital, but that's what they tried to
do.   NONE of their "one time" medications worked, and I refused
an Angiogram, since I wanted nothing else "invasive" until I was
home and well.

Finally, on 13-May after 8 days, I asked to be sent home.    The
"hospitalist" was VERY upset at my questioning his opinions, but
he did let me go, and I was OUT of there by 12:00.   Damned-well
"Good RIDDANCE!" of that place, I felt!   The surgeon's medical-
assistant removed my catheter 2 days later and I am getting back
urinary function/control SLOWLY.   Still a bit of minor bleeding
and some "leakage", 10 days later, forcing me to wear "Depends";
age 68, and I am back in "diapers" again!   I HOPE not for long.

But again, people:  The WORST medical experience of my life, due
to a BAD anesthesiologist who did NOT follow my wishes, also due
to a hospital that in large part did NOT care!   So I say again,
like before:   AVOID U.S. "medicine", at ALL costs, and vote for
ANYONE but Obama, whose "cost cutting" has CAUSED most of this!!

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