You can buy 44 pin laptop (made in China) cf adapters on Amazom for less
than $5.
The DOS image can be made using GHOST 2001 or xcopy loaded onto a floppy.
Most laptop hardrives are easy to remove, DELL uses a removable drawer.
Copy the hardrive using the floppy then pop out the hardrive and replace
it with the chip.
I find 4 gigs good for DOS. Use 2 FAT 16 partitions or for FREEDOS 1 FAT
Used 4 gig chips useily sell for $10 to $15 on Amazon. I leave the screws
out of my laptop
so that I can replace the chip quickly - 30 second about. A little slower
than floppy.


On Wed, 28 May 2014 13:23:23 -0400 dmccunney <>
> On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 10:55 AM, Dale E Sterner 
> <> wrote:
> > If they ran DOS on a CF chip; they could pull out the chip DOS 
> included
> > and send it it in.
> > Smaller than a flopppy and less easily damaged by magnets..
> You just won't let that notion go.
> They would have to *have* DOS and the application software on a CF
> chip, and install a chip in each machine used.  This has the expense
> of getting the chips, and the skilled labor involved in loading the
> image on the chips and equipping the machines to be used with the
> chips. Then you have the question for getting the data off the chip,
> because you *don't* want to have to open the machine and pull the 
> chip
> to do it.
> This operation used ancient laptops available for next to nothing,
> with no hard drive and only a floppy.  Floppies were dirt cheap, and
> it was quick and simple to duplicate as many copies of the program
> diskette and data diskette as needed. There were used for a 5 day
> period, because the convention runs from Thursday through Monday.
> Damage by magnet was not a concern, as the equipment was all used at 
> a
> registration area set up in the convention center that all Worldcon
> attendees went to to pick up their badges and other con material (if
> they had pre-registered), or fill out a form and pay for a 
> membership
> at the door.  When registration was not operating, the laptops and
> floppies were in a storage area,
> And because each laptop had a data disk with its own copy of the
> registration database, there were multiple backups by the nature of
> the process.  At the end of the convention, the final cpoy of the
> registration database was transferred to a server for conversion to
> other formats and archival storage.
> What you suggest would simply have been more trouble than it was 
> worth.
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