Hi all

If you have an account on SourceForge, you probably know that SourceForge
is shutting down the hosted mediawiki service on June 19. We use the hosted
mediawiki for our FreeDOS wiki, so I needed to move the FreeDOS wiki files
elsewhere before this Thursday.

The FreeDOS wiki has now been moved! The wiki now lives at

This is actually where the "Read the wiki" link in the orange nav bar (on
the website) has always pointed. However, if you have bookmarked the hosted
FreeDOS wiki (probably at
you will need to update your bookmarks.

A few issues:

1. The wiki runs a bit slow. I understand it's because how SourceForge has
configured their webservers. If you have managed a mediawiki instance
before, and know how to make the wiki run faster, please email me off-list.

2. The wiki may be edited only by authorized editors. This is to prevent

3. I could use some help in managing the wiki. Specifically, I need some
help in resetting passwords for accounts. The hosted mediawiki used the SF
login system for usernames/passwords. The standalone FreeDOS wiki does not.
As a result, I can't even login to my own FreeDOS wiki account. If you have
managed a mediawiki instance before, and can help with this, please email
me off-list.

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