What you call "hints" is what I call "notes".  To me, hints are something the 
computer generates "smartly" when you ask it, and notes are something I provide 
myself and the computer just helps me keep track of them.  It does do notes.

Notes do work with the right mouse button -- I didn't notice that before, 
though I did figure out that the right button is a remove.  Nomenclature again, 
but what others seem to call an "undo" is what I would call "remove".  An undo 
is where the computer undoes the last thing you did, whatever or wherever it 

You definitely need at least minimal documentation on what the mouse buttons 
are supposed to do in different situations (at least on screen when you're 
playing the game), and the fact that everything on the keyboard except Escape 
is useless.  Adding keyboard support would be nice, also.

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