Hi Dale,

> Thanks for the link but it takes you to an HTML 5 page, which is a dead
> end. Thankfully 99% of the web still uses HTML 4. The world needs HTML 5
> the same way it needs cancer and war. The web needs an constant standard

Actually HTML 5 is better than Flash for video and animation... ;-)

> that works every where and you depend on. I'll try your beta version, its
> probably pretty good.

Interestingly, while for example


does try to give you a "noscript" possibility to avoid javascript,
that link (including the one given earlier in this thread) involves
yet more redirection. I believe "static" links to the file include:

> http://netcologne.dl.sourceforge.net/project/sudoku86/v1.0.2/sudoku86.zip

I assume that you can vary the hostname to get another mirror :-)


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