On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 3:41 PM, Bill Haught <wlhaughtpr...@att.net> wrote:
> Here is my autoexec.bat file below.  Note it has uide.sys and shsucdx already.
> I don't know if the options are correct for my system, though.  The last time
> I messed with DOS was about 15-20 years ago when I didn't have a CD Drive,
> let alone a DVD drive.  By the way, it plays Blu-ray disks too, don't know if
> that matters.

Dunno, I haven't used a lot of CDs in DOS in recent years either. I think I
tried it successfully, but honestly, I just don't have a lot of stuff, just
a few random old games that obviously weren't that urgent for me to
get working (at the time). I should probably test some more. Of
course, without sound (and whatnot), they are "sometimes" less

Here's a snip from my setup:


shcdx33f /Q /D?FDCD000 /~

> @echo off
> set lang=EN
> set PATH=%dosdir%\bin

I don't see DOSDIR set here at all!   :-P

> lh doslfn

Can't remember if that's correct. Don't know if LFNs are needed in
most cases. Try disabling DOSLFN, for now.


Okay, so where's the device name? And why reserve three drives?


Mounting an .ISO, eh?   :-)   Then I guess you don't need UIDE at all.

FYI, I never use this. If it works, good. Sounds messy, though. I
don't know if it's getting confused here or not. But definitely I am!

In other words, I just use the files directly and don't try to read
from .iso. Presumably it shouldn't be hard to extract the files and
manually copy them over.


You should probably disable this, for now.

> if "%config%"=="2" LH SHARE

I don't even know how well (FD) SHARE works for us (incomplete?).

> ctmouse

Disable this, for now.

> DEVLOAD /H /Q %dosdir%\bin\uide.sys /D:FDCD0001 /S5
> ShsuCDX /QQ /~ /D:?SHSU-CDH /D:?FDCD0001 /D:?FDCD0002 /D:?FDCD0003

Eh? You're loading SHSUCDX twice? Okay, so indeed you are trying to
use three optical (CD/DVD) drives??

> shsucdx /D

No idea if this is required three different times. I would be surprised.

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