On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 7:54 PM, Bill Haught <wlhaughtpr...@att.net> wrote:
> dmccunney:
>> Note that says "installation disk".  That means you can potentially
>> start an install of Vista/7 from a USB drive.  It does not mean you
>> can create a portable Windows installation that will *run* from a
>> thumbdrive.
> Me: If I can copy files to the flash drive and get to a "DOS prompt" and run 
> a program such as a firmware update I'm happy.  I don't need a portable 
> Windows installation.  Even the installation disk allows you to get to the 
> C:\>. My guess though is that it is a DOS program, in which case I expect the 
> computer to freeze before bricking the hard drive.

The issue isn't that it's a DOS program - it's that it needs sole
access to and control of the drive while it does the firmware update.
That *can't* be done from Windows, which is why you boot from bootable
media running something like DOS, and all DOS does is serve as a
loader to run the update program that flashes the drive BIOS with an
updated image.

> I can probably do without.  It doesn't really seem worth all this effort.  I 
> like to keep everything up to date.

So do I.  But updates like that I've seen have been compatibility
fixes for particular systems.  Ivf you don't have one of those
systems, you don't need to apply the update, as it doesn't get you
anything you don't already have.

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