For almost 30 years I have written various computer-based tests for 
studies in psychology and related fields. These required timing 
accuracy comparable to the traditional electromechanical testing 
devices, so that DOS (initially AppleDOS and then PC-DOS) was the 
operating system of choice. Essentially, I could not afford to have the 
OS attending to the many functions that I did not need when I wanted 
it to be recording data. I turned to FreeDOS when PCs running MS-DOS 
were becoming uncommon and I needed to package the operating 
system with the tests. I switched from Borland Turbo C to Watcom C a 
few years ago.  It is getting more difficult to have a "plug-in" DOS 
environment that can just boot up to run tests on the variety of PCs 
out there and I now rely on Tcl-Tk under Linux whenever I can.


On Mon, 4 Aug 2014 10:08:21 PM Jaroslav Beran wrote:
> Why are you using FreeDOS?
> Personally I have three main reasons for which I stay with FreeDOS:
>    1.
>    I like Borland Turbo products and with FreeDOS I can run them in 
>    environment. (BTW I was very pleasured when I found this location
>    2.
>    FreeDOS is open and it is delivered with sources. It is interesting to
>    see them and to play with them.
>    3.
>    There is quite fine community around the project ;-)
> May be it could be interesting to have small discussion about 
motivation of
> users and see who FD users are.
>  Jarda

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