On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 6:16 AM, Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr> wrote:
> Hi DOSers,
> Today, I decided to release publicly my latest project: DOSMid.
>    http://dosmid.sourceforge.net
> DOSMid is a MIDI player for (free)DOS. It's a real mode application
> designed to run on very modest hardware configurations. It plays both
> MIDI and RMID files. It's released under a BSD license.
> DOSMid is not a software MIDI emulator, thus it requires a MIDI-capable
> hardware available via the standard MPU-401 interface. Many sound cards
> provide such interface, although some need an additional 'wavetable'
> chip to produce actual MIDI sound, or a special TSR (like AWEUTIL, for
> SB32/SB64 cards).

I regret that I don't have a (reliably) working P166 anymore since it
had AWE64. That would've been vaguely interesting (even to a soundcard
noob like me).

> DOSMid is still in a beta phase (v0.5), but its stable, and plays all my
> MIDI files right. It doesn't come with many features yet, though.
> I tested it only on my SoundBlaster 64 AWE card, as well as with my MIDI
> piano keyboard, and it worked well with both. Unfortunately I don't have
> any other MIDI hardware, but there's no reason I am aware of that would
> make it non-functional with other hardware, as long as MPU-401
> compatibility is there.
> enjoy!

The real question (although arguably not what DOS386 wants to hear) is
what modern emulators it works under. I assume DOSBox is okay. I
wonder about VirtualBox or QEMU. I'll have to test it there later.

In case you haven't tired of me saying it (over and over again), I'm
pretty much a noob at a lot of this stuff. My interest is very very
very casual. BUT ... having said that, I did (barely) dabble in trying
some MIDI players for DOS back in the day (several years ago).

Just for comparison, there are a few others:


Some of those have sources, but some don't. I don't even remember
where I got half of them. Scene.org? Sac.SK? Obviously the simple PC
speaker one was from FreeDOS. And Allegro's PLAY (DJGPP, but only
Allegro v3 because v4 was broken??), that I even put on my RUFFIDEA
disk #3, IIRC. I think I put a small .MID of Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf
Rag (that I also found on some random place) as test. Paul Toth had
some website with lots of obscurely weird but interesting (Turbo)
Pascal stuff. It was small and neat but somewhat buggy, but I think??
it had sources.


Oh yeah, RealMIDI and OpenCubicPlayer are already in FreeDOS "SOUND".
But again, dunno the details, and some of these are buggy.


So whatever. I'll have to test this later. Feel free to "import" an
.LSM of "DOSMid" to the "SOUND" section once it stabilizes (or I'll do
it if you can't).

P.S. I just double-checked, and SoftMPU was updated two months ago
(not that I know how to test it!). So I updated the iBiblio mirror of
that (even though it doesn't currently work with JEMM386 and needs old
MS C and MASM to rebuild, sigh):


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