Hi Jarda

Actually, there is no such thing like a "shared" library in DOS. Nonetheless, 
you can of course reuse DOSMid code (BSD, no strings attached). I wrote it so 
code reusal shall be easy - if you look into it, there are specialized modules 
for everything. The midi.c module would be the closest thing to a MIDI library. 
Simply snap it into your project and include its header file. You should also 
find usage explanations in the header. Let me know if anything is unclear, I 
will gladly help integrating DOSMid into your project (and improve its 
documentation if such need arise).

Note however, that you should probably not rely on MPU for music. Most el 
cheapo soundcards don't have a wavetable onboard, its something found only in 
high-end cards. Using midi is probably a good idea (and you are welcome to use 
dosmid for midi loading) but I think you should rely on FM synth (0x388 IIRC) 
for playback, or provide a configurable setting to the user: MPU/FM. Of course 
FM quality is poor, but should be acceptable for a game tune (and better than 
no music at all for sure).

Btw, any chance to find the beta of your game somewhere on the net already?


On August 12, 2014 10:16:15 PM GMT+02:00, Jaroslav Beran 
<jaroslav.be...@gmail.com> wrote:
>I am working on some small game and one of points in my todo list is to
>enable play background music. One possibility is to grab similar
>But better way would be to use shared library if it is possible.
>So my question is do you plan provide also shared library? :-)
>2014-08-10 13:16 GMT+02:00 Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr>:
>> Hi DOSers,
>> Today, I decided to release publicly my latest project: DOSMid.
>>    http://dosmid.sourceforge.net
>> DOSMid is a MIDI player for (free)DOS. It's a real mode application
>> designed to run on very modest hardware configurations. It plays both
>> MIDI and RMID files. It's released under a BSD license.
>> DOSMid is not a software MIDI emulator, thus it requires a
>> hardware available via the standard MPU-401 interface. Many sound
>> provide such interface, although some need an additional 'wavetable'
>> chip to produce actual MIDI sound, or a special TSR (like AWEUTIL,
>> SB32/SB64 cards).
>> DOSMid is still in a beta phase (v0.5), but its stable, and plays all
>> MIDI files right. It doesn't come with many features yet, though.
>> I tested it only on my SoundBlaster 64 AWE card, as well as with my
>> piano keyboard, and it worked well with both. Unfortunately I don't
>> any other MIDI hardware, but there's no reason I am aware of that
>> make it non-functional with other hardware, as long as MPU-401
>> compatibility is there.
>> enjoy!
>> Mateusz

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