Hi Mateusz,

obviously FDNPKG installs a few things differently than the FreeDOS 1.1 CD. So 
it's hard to say what is a bug, what is a feature.

FDNPKG installs the MTCP programs into C:\FDOS\MTCP instead of C:\FDOS\BIN. So 
mTCP will not work with an AUTOEXEC.BAT from 1.1, the user needs to add 
C:\FDOS\MTCP to the PATH variable.

In another logic FDNPKG installs DOSZIP into C:\DOSZIP. Here again the user has 
to update the PATH by hand.

The package CTMOUSE is installed into C:\FDOS\BIN\CTMOUSE (yet another location 
for programs). There is no universal MOUSE.EXE like in FreeDOS 1.1, instead you 
need to activate the file according to your language (CTM_EN.EXE or CTM_DE.EXE, 

In the BASE repository is a program called MIRROR. FDNPKG installs it into 
C:\GAMES\MIRROR. I don't know what the program does, but is it supposed to be 
in BASE? I see that it is also in the GAMES repo...

FDNPKG installs the license file of RECOVER into C:\FDOS\DOCS instead of 

If I install UIDE with FDNPKG, I am unable to also install RDISK and XMGR - 
FDNPKG complains about already existing files.

As you see:

> Unfortunately there's no installation routine that lets me install the 
> necessary 79 packages (plus configuration files) conveniently. Also only the 
> first fdnpkg command runs successfully. Afterwards the VirtualBox guest 
> freezes. I didn't have the nerve to switch the guest off and on again 79 
> times and then create FDCONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT by hand.

I finally DID HAVE the nerve to install most of BASE by hand with your 
all_cd.iso. This really means I rebooted the virtualbox guest after every 
single command to avoid the freeze. :-)

Now it seems to work, no crashes so far... I will continue exploring this ;-)

regards and thanks

Am 13.08.2014 um 08:48 schrieb Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr>:

> On 08/13/2014 12:07 AM, Rugxulo wrote:
>> Are you saying this is a bug in FD FDISK or VBox? Because as long as
>> it's not FD FDISK getting inherently confused, you could maybe do a
>> simple workaround: copy it to and run from RAM disk. Would that avoid
>> the issue? Just curious.
> I have no idea, truly. FDISK 1.2.1 works. FDISK 1.3.1 doesn't. But as 
> you know, this kind of problems is rarely black or white, so 
> everything's possible.
> I think the best is to downgrade FDISK to v1.2.1 on FDNPKG repos. Will 
> do this today. The v1.3.1 does print warnings about being "unstable/beta 
> version" all over the screen, which might indicate it's not totally 
> finished yet.
> Mateusz
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