Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for your feedback!

On 08/14/2014 12:05 AM, Ulrich wrote:
> FDNPKG installs the MTCP programs into C:\FDOS\MTCP instead of C:\FDOS\BIN.

This is not really about FDNPKG, but more about "how packages are 
structured". Indeed, I tend to avoid putting to much stuff into 
%FREEDOS%\BIN, and only put there stuff that is supposed to be part of 
the FreeDOS "core" (ie BASE, that is similar functionality than what 
MSDOS was providing).

Now the question is where to put any 3rd party apps that are still 
supposed to be callable from anywhere in the directories tree? One 
option could be to create another "BIN-like" directory for these (which 
would be close to what Linux does - sbin vs bin - but I'm not sure this 
will look natural to DOS folks), or (and this is my favorite so far), 
install any 3rd party progs as usual program (dedicated directory), but 
add a "link" to special directory (say, %FREEDOS%\links for instance). 
The link would be a simple BAT file that would call the real program. 
This is actually a method I'm using on my own PC.

Any other thoughts?

> The package CTMOUSE is installed into C:\FDOS\BIN\CTMOUSE (yet another 
> location for programs). There is no universal MOUSE.EXE like in FreeDOS 1.1, 
> instead you need to activate the file according to your language (CTM_EN.EXE 
> or CTM_DE.EXE, etc.).

Yes, I agree this is ugly. unfortunately CTMOUSE doesn't provide a 
single executable with NLS support, and provide instead x versions for 
every language (this is most probably for saving RAM, which is good I 
guess). Problem is - how to install such multi-version package?

> In the BASE repository is a program called MIRROR. FDNPKG installs it into 
> C:\GAMES\MIRROR. I don't know what the program does, but is it supposed to be 
> in BASE? I see that it is also in the GAMES repo...

I see where the confusion comes from.. There are indeed two *different* 
packages, in two repositories, having the same name. This is not cool, 
as the user might get lost easily.

BASE MIRROR: "Records information about the disk for possible data recovery"

GAMES MIRROR: "An arcade style game like "Deflektor" (C 64) or 
"Mindbender" (Amiga)"

I renamed the "GAMES/MIRROR" package to "GAMES/MIRMAGIC" right now. This 
should remove any possible source of confusion.

> FDNPKG installs the license file of RECOVER into C:\FDOS\DOCS instead of 

This is clearly a packaging "bug". I fixed the package now.

> If I install UIDE with FDNPKG, I am unable to also install RDISK and XMGR - 
> FDNPKG complains about already existing files.

I see - the UIDE package contains already RDISK and XMGR. This is 
probably an error, since UIDE should be about CDROM stuff, nothing else 
(esp. since RDISK and XMGR are already available in separate packages).

I fixed it now by removing RDISK and XMGR from the UIDE package.

> I finally DID HAVE the nerve to install most of BASE by hand with your 
> all_cd.iso. This really means I rebooted the virtualbox guest after every 
> single command to avoid the freeze. :-)

I can only assure you of my highest compassion towards you ;)

I really don't know why VBox craps everytime FDNPKG is ran.. This is 
something I noticed on vbox only and nowhere else (works fine on a real 
machine, DOSemu, DOSBox and Qemu). But I will do some research.

> Now it seems to work, no crashes so far... I will continue exploring this ;-)

Cool, let us know if you see any further troubles!

BTW, I also downgraded FDISK to the last "stable" version on the repo -> 
v1.2.1 (but haven't yet replaced it on the bootable drive).


> Am 13.08.2014 um 08:48 schrieb Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr>:
>> On 08/13/2014 12:07 AM, Rugxulo wrote:
>>> Are you saying this is a bug in FD FDISK or VBox? Because as long as
>>> it's not FD FDISK getting inherently confused, you could maybe do a
>>> simple workaround: copy it to and run from RAM disk. Would that avoid
>>> the issue? Just curious.
>> I have no idea, truly. FDISK 1.2.1 works. FDISK 1.3.1 doesn't. But as
>> you know, this kind of problems is rarely black or white, so
>> everything's possible.
>> I think the best is to downgrade FDISK to v1.2.1 on FDNPKG repos. Will
>> do this today. The v1.3.1 does print warnings about being "unstable/beta
>> version" all over the screen, which might indicate it's not totally
>> finished yet.
>> Mateusz
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