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>>> But the question now is different (I took the liberty to change the
>>> subject of this message accordingly): where would you put applications
>>> that need to be reachable from %PATH% ?
>> There's a discussion elsewhere about when to *stop* trying to automate
>> and punt an edge case to the user.  This strikes me as such a place.  Let
>> the user specify a location other than default, but if they do and it needs 
>> to
>> be in %PATH%, it's up to them to add it to %PATH%.
> Yes I know, it's just the PATH statement and DOS users should know their 

If they don't, they arguably shouldn't be using DOS.

> But on the other hand we are talking about a package manager. And as everyone 
> has learned either from apt-get or from App Store: If you've installed 
> something, it's ready to run. There might be some user settings left to be 
> configured, but in general it should just work.

> And I think this is a good thing.

'Which means "Accept what the package manager does by default."  I
mostly concur, but an advanced user might have reasons for wanting
things elsewhere.  It's nice it the package manager gives them an
option to do so and specify where, but if it needs AUTOEXEC.BAT
modified for things to work as expected, that's the user's job.

> Making things complicated is not a virtue. If someone thinks otherwise, he 
> should have met my Ex. :-)

I've spent the odd hour as a sysadmin and tech support attempting to
simplify things for users.  "No, no.  Their userid is set up to put
them directly into the program they need to run.  When they are
finished, they exit the program, and they are logged off the system.
All they have to know is how the use the program."  "Good!"

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