>> This is not really about FDNPKG, but more about "how packages are
>> structured". Indeed, I tend to avoid putting to much stuff into 
>> %FREEDOS%\BIN, and only put there stuff that is supposed to be part of 
>> the FreeDOS "core" (ie BASE, that is similar functionality than what 
>> MSDOS was providing).

> Yes I think this a good idea. About the PATH: What about creating
> an external batchfile like C:\PKGS.BAT, that is automatically called
> by AUTOEXEC.BAT? FDNPKG could update the PATH statement according to
> each package. The content, for example:


> and so on.

PATH is limited to 256 characters.
I see problems at the horizon when installing 76 packages.

for this reason, drivers that are used exclusively in AUTOEXEC and
CONFIG should never go into environment and other stuff
that is often used (ZIP,...) should go into a *single* BIN so that
there remains some space in PATH

> As you see above, I would put DOSZIP in PROGS instead of C:\.
> What's the use of these categories, if we do not use them?
what's the point of these categories anyway ?

>> Now the question is where to put any 3rd party apps that are still 
>> supposed to be callable from anywhere in the directories tree? One 
>> option could be to create another "BIN-like" directory for these

> No, I think creating another BIN directory like /usr/bin in
> GNU/Linux, where we'd put all third-party executables, would
> complicate things. The next step would be to put configuration files
> in /ETC. No I think it would be wise, to stay with the DOS way and
> keep each program and its configuration files in one dedicated directory.
this was *never* the DOS way.


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