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> If your client is behind NAT, the ACTIVE mode will not work without 
> special hacks, because the server won't be able to reach the client.
> If your server is behind NAT, then it's PASSIVE mode that won't work, 
> because your server will announce its private IP to the client, and even 
> if you force it to announce its correct (public) IP, it still won't work 
> because you'd need a redirection on your NAT box to handle data ports 
> (and this is tricky as well, since the port can be anything - you'd have 
> to force your server to use only a specific pool of ports, and redirect 
> them all...)

Thanks a lot! This sounds conclusive. I was really struggling to make this work 
last night.

> The "bridge" configuration is IMHO the best, since it provides you a 
> full connectivity, just like for a real machine in your network. But if, 
> for any reason, you are scared that FreeDOS will hack your home router, 
> then "HOSTONLY" is definitely the answer.
> Now, why does the VirtualBox DHCP fail in HOSTONLY mode, this I don't 
> know. I can only guess there is some kind of special vbox configuration 
> that will allow you to choose where you want to set up the vbox DHCP 
> server for listening.

This can be done with the VirtualBox GUI (the main program, not the guest), 
just go to Settings - Network - Host-only Network. Or you use the VBoxManage 
command and do something like this:

VBoxManage dhcpserver modify --ifname vboxnet0 --ip --netmask --lowerip --upperip --enable

Unfortunately the DHCP server is not recognized neither by the mTCP dhcp client 
nor by the WATTCP programs.


I got the host-only mode working! By using fixed IPs in MTCP.CFG.

In "Settings" - "Network" - "Host-only Network" I edit (the screwdriver icon) 
vboxnet0 to have the values:

IPv4 address:

(These are the default settings for host-only mode)

My C:\FDOS\WATTCP.CFG looks like this:

my_ip =
netmask =
gateway =
nameserver =
domain_list = your.domain.com

Then I can just connect with Filezilla to Here is the view under 
the hood:

Status:         Connecting to
Status:         Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Response:       220 mTCP FTP Server
Command:        USER user
Response:       331 User OK, send Password
Command:        PASS ********
Response:       230 User logged in
Command:        SYST
Response:       215 UNIX Type: L8
Command:        FEAT
Response:       211-mTCP FTP server features:
Response:        MDTM
Response:        SIZE 
Response:       211 End
Status:         Server does not support non-ASCII characters.
Status:         Connected
Status:         Retrieving directory listing...
Command:        PWD
Response:       257 "/" is current directory
Command:        TYPE I
Response:       200 Type set to I
Command:        PASV
Response:       227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,56,10,9,181)
Command:        LIST
Response:       150 Sending file list
Response:       226 Transfer complete
Status:         Calculating timezone offset of server...
Command:        MDTM INSERTS.TXT
Response:       213 20140820150442
Status:         Timezone offsets: Server: -14400 seconds. Local: 7200 seconds. 
Difference: 21600 seconds.
Status:         Directory listing successful

So this works. I do not need to have a real network connection. I can just run 
FreeDOS as VirtualBox guest on my MacBook and connect to it with Filezilla or 
any other FTP-client, no matter if I am in my LAN, in a train or at work.

So that's great.

Thanks again!

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