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> As the guest is connected through NAT, he can also do network operations like 
> "FDNPKG update". 

I just tried that and "FDNPKG update" still doesn't work. This seems to be 
caused by WATTCP. WATTCP.CFG has the line

my_ip = DHCP

so it should get the settings from VirtualBox DHCP sever - but it doesn't. With 
VirtualBox "Bridged Adapter" FDNPKG gets its settings from the routers DHCP 
server and works. With "NAT" it doesn't get them from the VirtualBox DHCP 
server and complains about failed downloads. This is not a FDNPKG bug: WGET 
also says "Configuring through DHCP..failed". While DHCP.exe and the mTCP 
programs work fine.

After setting the IPs manually in C:\FDOS\WATTCP.CFG it worked. Wouldn't it be 
helpful if there was a little tool, that runs after DHCP.EXE and translates the 
settings from MTCP.CFG into WATTCP.CFG? Or maybe an option to DHCP.EXE that 
makes it change WATTCP.CFG as well? 

If I remember correctly some WATTCP programs need fixed IPs anyway.

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