>mTCP vs wattcp.cfg - I agree this would be awesome if mTCP could read/write 
>>WatTCP config files for backward compatibility :)

Step 1: Install minitrue on your PC.  mt.exe ... google it.
Step 2:  Create a batch file called "M2WAT.BAT"

Put this stuff in the batch file:

@echo off
rem convert MTCP config file to WATTCP format
copy mtcp.cfg wattcp.cfg
rem first comment out every line with a '#'
mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg (^) = #
rem now uncomment the ones we want, add equal sign and change if needed
mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #ipaddr = my_ip=
mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #netmask = netmask=
mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #gateway = gateway=
mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #nameserver = nameserver=
mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #hostname = hostname=

Run it.

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