> first,  am I correct that one can boot freedos from a USB stick?
> Say with an off the shelf sort of laptop?

Yes. There are several tools to put DOS on USB sticks.

Yet we do not offer easy tools on our own homepage for
that as far as I remember. The topic comes back from
time to time on the list - maybe we could put a short
text about the most popular methods on our homepage?

We probably already LINK one or more (older) texts...

> second, am I correct that if one burns the latest copy of freedos to a cd 
> or dvd, one can accomplish the same thing? as in insert the live disk and 
> boot from it?

You can boot by burning our ISO on CD / DVD / BD. Many
tools will not be pre-installed on CD, but you should
be able to start a command-line RAMDISK and install all
what is shipped on the CD (in ZIPs) to that if you want.

In any case you always get a basic DOS by booting from
our ISO, simply because the install process itself runs
in DOS and it is optional to actually install to disk.

You can also use Rugxulo Ruffidea or similar "a lot of
FreeDOS on a single floppy image" as the "boot image"
when burning any other CD / DVD. Then you get the same
result as if you had booted from an actual floppy :-)

I think the two use cases above would be popular: Maybe
somebody can give step by step recipes for them or tell
us that everything is actually easier than I assumed :-)

Regards, Eric

PS: Note that DOS typically does not boot in widescreen
screen resolutions by default, so you will have black
bars at the sides. Also, DOS only uses 1 CPU core and
max 4 GB RAM and 2 TB per disk, more will be ignored.

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