from Eddie Anderson and my previous post:

> "Thomas Mueller" wrote:
> > Many motherboards nowadays have a single PS/2 port than can be used for a 
> > mouse or keyboard but not both simultaneously.

> Interesting.  I did not know that.

> > I know that from frequenting , also motherboard 
> > manufacturers' websites such as and .

> I've written down those website names for future reference.

> > I too have had USB mouse fail to work on FreeDOS.

> You have my sympathy.

> > Now my difficulty is getting a bootable installation of FreeDOS 1.1.

> I rarely use pure DOS anymore.  But when I do use it, I boot it from
>    a bootable 2.88MB floppy image within a cdrw disc.

> IIRC, I originally created a 2.88MB image file (named 288img) with
> Gilles Vollant's INJCT083.ZIP.  That worked.  But, IIRC, I soon ran
> into problems updating that image file.

> So I switched to mounting that image under Puppy Linux ("mount
> 288img /mnt/floppy -o loop").  Then I added, deleted, and updated
> the files in that image using Midnight Commander (mc).  (I assume
> that RoxFiler would also work (instead of mc).)

> Then I umounted that image ("umount /mnt/floppy").

> Then I ran a script like this to create the iso cd image.

> #!/bin/sh
> mkisofs -f -v -R -D -J -no-iso-translate \
> -o/mnt/sda7/smallcdimage.iso -b isolinux-debug.bin \
> -c -boot-info-table . -boot-load-size 4 -no-emul-boot

> Then I burned the resulting "smallcdimage.iso" file to a cdrw disc
> using a pgm named Burniso2cd (which is in Puppy's menus).

> The resulting cdrw boots automatically (like any other bootable cd)
> in PCs which support booting from cdrom.

> Note: that process also requires an isolinux.cfg file (a small text
> file) and the memdisk file (part of the isolinux suite).  The
> isolinux.cfg file should look something like this:

> prompt 1
> timeout 300
> default 1
> label dos
>    kernel memdisk
>    append initrd=288img

> > USB stick is the only way; FreeDOS can't access SATA hard drive with GPT.

> I've had much less success with booting from USB.

> Eddie

Other motherboard manufacturers of interest might include Asus.

My interest in PS/2 keyboard and mouse is because of NetBSD's flakiness with 

System Rescue CD or USB stick installation therefrom uses isolinux (CD) and 
syslinux (USB stick).

System Rescue CD boots from isolinux or syslinux with a menu, and one option is 
an older version of FreeDOS, floppy image of 2520331 bytes, booting with 

My desire or preference, regarding FreeDOS on USB, is to boot by syslinux.  
That way, I could make a menu and be able to add other bootable images, 
including grub4dos and grub2, maybe something for PXE.

I can't find any DOS packet drivers for my motherboard's Ethernet, too new. 


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