On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 3:50 PM, Christian Imhorst
<christian.imho...@gmail.com> wrote:
> thank you very much for sharing METADOS. To me it looks very interesting
> and I like the idea of having a  FreeDOS live distro, too. VMDK files
> are nice but I am using Qemu mainly. Therfore I was delighted that
> METADOS is an IMG file. ;-)

I just wanted it as small and simple as possible ... with obvious room
for improvements.

BTW, my (imaginary) preference for .VMDK is only because it supposedly
is supported by more than one emulator. It's easier to support one
image overall than a separate incompatible one for each VM.

I still like QEMU, of course, just never followed it very closely over
the last few years. I haven't done a lot of active use of VMs lately,
only for fun (obviously), hence I usually just use VirtualBox.

> To complement your METADOS.TXT I use the PCNET driver to emulate the
> network card with Qemu 2.1.0:
> qemu[-system-i386] -fda metados.img -boot a -net nic,model=pcnet -net user
> The part inside the parentheses is optional (at least under Debian).

I say I haven't followed QEMU, but during the past few months, I did
keep downloading the sources. I just never fully built and installed
it. I even timed it building everything normally and then again with
MAKEFLAGS=-j4 (which is anathema to DOS-minded people like myself),
just for fun. But that's as far as I went.

Anyways, since you mention it, I just now rebuilt (i386-* only) and
tested it on (old Lucid Puppy, 10.04) Linux. It seems to work!   :-)

> And thanks for VISIT.BAT. It's quite revealing. :-)

Well, yes, that's half the point:  you can grab for yourself what you
want, even if you have to use FTP to get WGET (or Links2) from iBiblio
just to get whatever else.    :-)

There's a lot of good DOS software out there, but a lot of it is hard
to find. Honestly, I hate having to link to (potentially unstable)
mirrors, but it's better than nothing.

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