Hi All

Many thanks for the replies.

I am using a third party library "CGUI" to develop and draw the GUI.
But I am fairly confident that it uses Interupt / event driven control of
the mouse.
The mouse is a USB, but with a usb to PS2 adapter works on the PS@ port.

The ctmouse that I first used was an earlier version, which I then updated
to 2.1 with the same problem.

I am losing characters from the start of the string. For example the first
Char on some commands
are  !   or   > . I check for the length of the string and the first char
before I use it.
If the first char is invalid, then I disregard the reply and increment my
bad record counter.
The serial port is opened in FreeBasic with :
        Open Com "COM1:38400,n,8,1,cs0,ds0,cd0,rs" For Random As #CP

I then junk any char's in the buffer before I send a command that will
solicit a response.
On the average I Tx / Rx every 50mSec continually.
Testing the response time I found that 6mSec was the lower limit, so I wait
10mSec before I 
check the buffer and analyze the reply.

Doing this outside of the GUI in a test program, results in no bad replies
at all.
Within the GUI, after about 2 minutes I have at least 100 bad replies.

Compiling and running this program for XPe causes NO errors either.

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