Hi John,

> I can see and modify the files in the ISO image used to create a bootable CD 
> for
> FreeDOS, but how and where do I add autoexec.bat and config.sys files to the
> image and thus the bootable CD -- and where would I put the associated files
> (like SomeDriver.sys)?

Because DOS cannot (yet) boot from ISO9660 disks such
as the bootable CD, there is a compressed boot FLOPPY
image on the ISO which is booted via MEMDISK which is
a bootable ramdisk that can be booted from CD in the
same way that Linux can be booted from CD. So if you
want to change boot files such as autoexec, you would
have to modify the contents of that virtual floppy. I
think tools for opening and editing floppy images are
available for free for most operating systems :-) DOS
boots, then loads CD drivers, then uses the other DOS
things that you can readily see on the bootable CD :-)

Regards, Eric

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