On 11/25/2014 4:20 AM, Alain Mouette wrote:
> Em 24-11-2014 22:38, Ralf Quint escreveu:
>> In theory, you could run 8-bit object code if you had an NEC V20 or V30
>> CPU which is 8086 compatible while also featuring an 8080 emulation mode.
>> NEC also made a special version of their V50 CPU just for the PC-88VA
>> which can execute Z80 code as well.
>> But in neither case, you are going to be running FreeDOS (or any DOS) in
>> those modes...
> I remeber that there is a very good CP/M simulator for DOS, I used it a
> lot when migranting from CP/M to PC-DOS...
> that would allow to run very old 8 bit programs...
And I am sure, that CP/M emulator (I guess you refer to either 22NICE or 
MYZ80) qualifies as a 16 bit program... ;-)


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