On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 10:05 AM, Dale E Sterner <sunbeam...@juno.com> wrote:
> I only use windows to get on the web for just about everything else I use DOS.

I could not do so.

> My software is all loaded on cf chips and I can switch between them very
> quickly.

Windows, Linux, and applications here are all installed on a Crucial
solid state drive, and things are blindingly fast.

> Tried to reproduce what I do on Qpro with windows Excell but found it too
> difficult to do. Qpro is loaded with powerful macro commands with no 
> equivalent
> on Excell.  Excell macro commands don't work well; you have to write Excell
> macros with visual basic - just too much work.

"Just too much work" is a dangerous notion.  You don't switch because
you don't want to take the time and trouble involved in learning the
new software.  But you reach the point where what you have to do to
keep using the old software may be more work than switching to
something more modern would have been had you been willing to do it.

> I like Wordperfect dos better than Word - just too much to learn.

I know folks who still stubbornly cling to WordStar, which was my
preference back when.  You can *do* it, with things like DOSBox or
vDOS, but it gets rapidly into "more trouble than it's worth"

I have MS Word, Libre Office Writer, and a few other things here, and
sometimes use Google Docs.  But I actually spend most time in a text
editor.  Very little of what I do will be printed out, and I don't
need the features word processors offer to control what the printed
output will *look* like.  The occasions where I *do* need that are for
things that will be reproduced in quantity, and for that, a word
processor is insufficient.  I need a full DTP program, and there's
nothing in DOS that will meet my needs.

> cheers
> DS

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