On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 2:18 PM, "Jose Antonio Senna"
<jasse...@vivointernetdiscada.com.br> wrote:
>  On the matter of browsers for DOS, Lynx, which I am using now,
> supports https and has done so for 10+ years. What is not
> available in any DOS browser is javascript. Much of javascript
> in web pages is to load and reload advertising, which I don't
> miss at all. However, the (action) in many html forms nowadays
> is not a remote URL but a local javascript, that checks and
> reformats the data before submitting it to the remote. This is
> where I really  miss javascript support.

It was reported recently that SourceForge has changed the way they
allow subscriptions to their email lists. So one guy with an old setup
suddenly couldn't subscribe because his (old Opera) web browser
couldn't validate certificates (or something weird like that). And
then I went way down the rabbit hole trying to help him find a "lite"
Linux liveCD for his old Athlon computer, but it doesn't sound like
there's a perfect answer since even Firefox requires SSE2 these days.

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