Georg Potthast schreef op 7-12-2014 om 12:51:

> Without my included XFDOS ISO image this package is just about 5 MB in size.
> So if you have a DOS application that you want to make available for Windows
> 7 or 8 in 64 bit mode you could add this to the MetaDOS image in this
> package and allow your users to run it on Windows 7 or 8 without installing
> any additional emulation packages. If there is a FAT disk available, this
> can be accessed directly from MetaDOS if configured.  contains more recent binaries for QEMU for 
Windows, but the syntax for specifying files and options might be different.

If only they had binaries that were 8.3-compliant and allowed read-only 
environment (no temp files, log files, etc) you could add QEMU/Bochs to 
CD with FreeDOS.

For bochs, specifying an ISO that loads a writeable harddisk image 
works. Specifying a harddisk image doesn't work as you can't indicate 
read-only harddisk, only CD and floppy.

Thanks for making this available Georg.


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