On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 3:36 PM, Georg Potthast <mail...@georgpotthast.de> wrote:
> So if you made software for DOS you do not want to abandon you could make a
> Win8 version with DOS4WIN64.

Someone (not me!) has taken it upon themselves to make various
emulator images for what they call "QEMU Advent Calendar".


At least two images are loosely (Free)DOS-related:  Day 13 (Second
Reality) and Day 2 (Modern DOS). However, neither of them is what they
appear. The former is just an old PC demo, and the latter is just some
old freeware games. So it has nothing to do with any of our work,
AFAIK. (I mean specifically that they aren't based upon XFDOS or
MetaDOS, but yes, the latter claims to have stuff from FD 1.1.)

Not that I really know because they (apparently) insist on using QCOW2
images, which I can't seem to get working in these (admittedly old)
QEMU .EXEs for Windows I have here. I probably need to begrudgingly
"install" the newer builds that Bernd pointed to (or just test on
Linux, which is obviously a bigger priority for them).

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