Since you mentioned QEMU on ARM in your more recent email, I figured
I'd come back to this to give some minor comments.

On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 12:22 PM, Georg Potthast
<mail...@georgpotthast.de> wrote:
> I tried MetaDOS on my Samsung Android Tablet using Qemu based Limbo PC.
> Seems to work fine except for network support. [Sorry, network support
> does work, you just have to select the right network card emulation. ;-)]
> An external USB keyboard is strongly recommended together with the Hackers
> Keyboard driver for Android.
> Georg
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/limbopcemulator/?source=navbar

My Android tablet is "too old" (3.2 circa 2011), so I was very
skeptical if this would work for me. I did finally force myself to try
anyways. It does boot up and run FreeDOS correctly, but for whatever
reason, no keyboard input is accepted, no matter which (virtual)
keyboard I use. (Yes, I even tested the Hacker's Keyboard.) Maybe it's
a bug or incompatibility. Maybe you really need an actual hardware
keyboard. Dunno. It's still cool that somebody ported it to
Android/ARM, but I obviously can't use it very effectively. (I never
bothered to learn how to install or use the NDK, so I'm not much help
on fixing and recompiling Limbo myself.)

BTW, not that I have (or want) one just yet, but there are quite a few
Intel (x86)-based Android tablets these days. I honestly wonder if
DOSEMU would work there. (Probably depends on if Bionic libc or
whatever supports the right stuff.)

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