Hi all!

Just a quick note to let everyone know about some changes to the FreeDOS

I've been working on improving the FreeDOS website, and tonight I started
making the first user-visible changes. Up until now, the changes have been
pretty minor, and probably invisible to most folks (some link cleanup,
behind-the-scenes cleanup, fixing typos, ... that sort of thing).

You may notice that the "Welcome to FreeDOS" section at the top is no
longer "collapsed." Before, you had to click on each question to see the
answer - and the website would only show one "answer" at a time. Not
everyone likes this behavior (including me, at least recently) so I am
changing it. In time, I'll make this cleaner. It's too long right now.
Maybe I'll re-write it, or restructure the page to do without it. I'll work
on that over the holiday break.

Other than that, I haven't made any dramatic changes to the website. I only
want to clean things up, not change everything. No structural changes. No
big changes to the design or anything.

What do you think of the website improvements so far?
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